Are you a healthy weight ?

Healthy weight - this can be a very controversial thing it's very hard to confirm are you a healthy weight or not but taking this quiz you can get a general idea of what you are .

Do you think your healthy ? Do you really want to know what you are ? Well take this test and see if your what you think you are if not it dosnt matter it's only a quiz

Created by: Heather
  1. Do you look slim ?
  2. Do people make harsh comments that your overweight ?
  3. Do you ever feel dizzy when u stand up or walk/run for a long time
  4. Do you feel self conscious about your weight ? (Very scared what other people think)
  5. do you eat a healthy diet ? Not a lot of sweet things lots of vegetables and fruits ?
  6. are you scared of being fat?
  7. What weight are you ( we won't judge promise xx)
  8. What size clothing do you get ?
  9. How old are you (optional)
  10. Does your parents ever say your underweight or has your doctor told you your underweight ?
  11. Did you enjoy this ? Won't change your answer . Thanks !

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Quiz topic: Am I a healthy weight ?