Are you thin or fat?

My weight is very high and I always want to figure out my category of the weight I am. I want other people to know their weight category too so I made this quiz so all people have the knowledge.

!Warning!: Some questions might be a bit offensive to all takers and many emotions of encouragement will happen at the same time. Please enjoy this quiz that I'v created. I also keep my business to my self so I'm giving you my initials instead.

Created by: A.L.Singh
  1. Shake your limbs, do they jiggle a lot?
  2. Do people make fun of you for being fat a lot
  3. Do you love to eat food?
  4. Is your hand bigger or smaller than your belly?
  5. When you sit down on a chair does your belly just slope down dramatically and act like it's getting bigger every second?
  6. Would you eat more junk food or healthy food?
  7. How deep dose your belly button go?
  8. Wanna play with your belly right now?
  9. Does your belly bulge out or stay in your shirt?
  10. What texture do people think of you?
  11. Your opinion, on a scale from one to three how thick are you?
  12. Very last question, do you exercise? Like at all?

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Quiz topic: Am I thin or fat?