Are You Hip Hop or Not?

You don't gotta be black to be hip hop, but the question is, are you really hip hop at all? This is a quiz to see if you are. So many people throw the word hip hop around and don't even know the definition of it. Also, some claim to be hip hop though they are far from it.

Take this quiz not to see if you are the truth or a faker. And in fact, you may not even be needing to take this quiz if you know you are real, but you may also be hip hop and not even know it.

Created by: Real Dj Gaudy
  1. Where Did Hip Hop Begin?
  2. What Does Hip Hop Mean to You?
  3. How Many Elements of Hip Hop Can You Do?
  4. Who Is The Best Mainstream Rapper?
  5. What is Underground Hip Hop?
  6. What Type of Rap You Enjoy the Best?
  7. What is Your Race?
  8. If You Can Rap, How Much Often You Write?
  9. Do You Gotta Be "Ghetto" or from the Ghetto to Be Hip Hop or a Rapper?
  10. Pick an Underground Rapper
  11. What Makes a Good Rapper?

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