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All about rappers and their top tracks. Are we missing your favorite artist? Apologies... this list is young but growing. Create your own quiz, it's easy.

Our Rap Quizzes

  • Who Are YOU In The Gorillaz Universe?
    [by: M.T. Gap, rated: rated: 3.51/5, published: Dec 12, 2006]

    Gorillaz may be a 2-dimensional band, but they all possess a personality unique to them that truly "fleshes them out". After so many entertaining escapades in…

  • You Think U Know Hip-Hop?
    [by: AMS, rated: rated: 5/5, published: Jul 22, 2007]

    I have been a fan of hip-hop for a decade now, and over the years, it has played an increasing part in my life. Consequently, I have become very passionate…

  • How much do you know about lil peep?
    [by: ShreDa, rated: rated: 3.48/5, published: Mar 24, 2018]

    R.I.P lil peep. The Gothboiclique is still alive. I made this quiz because I am a fan of his, and want to keep his memory alive. If there is any inaccuracies…

  • How much do you know about Eminem?
    [by: Lexi, rated: rated: 3.34/5, published: Dec 2, 2006]

    Are you an eminem fan? Do you think you know alot about him, or want to find out information on him? Take this quiz to see how much of a fan you are. Eminem…

  • The Origins of Hip Hop Trivia Quiz
    [by: MR. BEATZ, rated: rated: 3.3/5, published: Jan 31, 2009]

    This is a Hip Hop IQ type of quiz and is not for everyone. It's a true test of Hip Hop knowledge and is my first one of many more to come. Most people will…

  • Hyphy, Thizz, Screwed & Chopped?
    [by: billy, rated: rated: 3.09/5, published: Jul 17, 2006]

    Every1 out there is eitha hyphy, thizz, or screwed and chopped...eva wondered wut kind u are...well by takin dis quiz u can find out...wut kind of music u…

  • Do You Know Eminem?
    [by: Tara Love, rated: rated: 2.89/5, published: Jan 16, 2011]

    There are a lot of people who know some of Eminem's songs or have watched his movie 8 Mile, but how much do you know about his life and past? Think you know…

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