Hip Hop Trivia Quiz #1

This is a Hip Hop IQ type of quiz and is not for everyone. It's a true test of Hip Hop knowledge and is my first one of many more to come. Most people will not do well with this quiz because it is for those who have been submerged in the culture for years and actually live it.

Only take this quiz if you truly consider yourself a Hip Hop guru! If this is not you, then my advise is to not even bother because it will seem like rocket science to you. Physics is easier than this! Good luck!

Created by: MR. BEATZ
  1. What does "M.C" stand for in Hip Hop?
  2. Who was the first M.C. signed to a Major Label?
  3. Who was the M.C. who first DJed for Roxanne Shante before coming on his own?
  4. Which M.C. has a government name of "Nathaniel Wilson"?
  5. Who was the DJ known for introducing Rick Rubin to Russell Simmons?
  6. Who is the DJ known as the "godfather" of Hip Hop or "the man who started it all"?
  7. What are the 4 elements of Hip Hop?
  8. Where was Hip Hop born?
  9. Which DJ is credited as the "creator of scratching"?
  10. Which M.C. stepped up to defeat Melle Mel in a battle when Big Daddy Kane turned down the battle out of respect?
  11. What part of NY is Rakim from?
  12. What record label was RUN DMC signed to?
  13. Which producer is known for showing DJ Premier how to use the SP-1200 drum machine?
  14. When Mr. Magic said on the radio airwaves that he won't play "no more music by the suckers", what group was he calling suckers?
  15. What is "industry rule # 4,080"?

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