Travis Scott Quiz

This quiz is for the fans out there of Travis Scott and the people who understand great music when they first hear it. The quiz is only 11 long so try your luck.

Are you a true Travis Scott fan. Do you understand how this man has created some of the greatest music of our generation. Take this quiz and find out.

Created by: Travis
  1. Name the song: "Nights like this, nights like this, I wish I could do the..."
  2. Name Travis's second album.
  3. Who has Travis featured on every album?
  4. Name the greatest Travis Scott song of all time.
  5. What song blew Travis Scott up?
  6. Best Travis Scott featured verse in 2017?
  7. Name Travis Dcotts record label
  8. Astroworld is named after?
  9. Travis Scott's real name
  10. Days Before Rodeo is...
  11. Astroworld is...
  12. Rodeo

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