Scott Baio Fan Quiz

Are you genuine a Scott Baio fan? Many may say they are fans, but what kind of a fan are you? Take this quiz to determine if you truely are a Scott Baio fan.

Find out what kind of a Scott Baio fan you are. See if you really know your Scott Baio triva and facts. Take this quiz to determine what type of Scott Baio fan you really are.

Created by: fatbegone40
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  1. What year was Scott born?
  2. What is Scott's middle name?
  3. Where was Scott born?
  4. What was Scott's original birth name?
  5. What was Scott's first film debut?
  6. What High School did Scott attend?
  7. Scott does not appear in?
  8. Scott won two Young Artists Awards during the Third Annual Youth In Film Awards (1980-1981) as Best Young Actor in a Television Special for ?
  9. Which does Scott not appear in?
  10. Scott Votes-
  11. Which statement is incorrect?
  12. Which is not a character Scott has portrayed?
  13. Scott did not guest star in -
  14. Scott was not a guest on which show?
  15. What are the names of Scott's dogs?

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