Scott AFB Chat Quiz 2

Sure you know all about chocolate, Illinois, 80's music, movies and all the other quiz topics we have had. But how well do you know the ladies on the Scott AFB chat?

By popular demand I made this quiz all about the ladies in our online chat group. Those who do more than just read the titles of others posts or just post things they are selling will do better on this.

Created by: Mo
  1. What month and Year did the chat start?
  2. Who posted that they love Garth Brooks music?
  3. Who's comfort food is Ramen noodles?
  4. What did Kristi say she collects?
  5. Here's a hard one. Who's little Lhasa-poo had the poo scared out of him by lightning?
  6. How many children does Donna (D. Pose) have?
  7. Here is a hard one. What is Shelley's husband's name?
  8. Whose idea was Beverly Hills 90210 trivia?
  9. What is Ashley's dream vacation?
  10. Who posted that they were a dancer and cheerleader in High School?

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