How much do you know about ChatsUSA?

There is no point in taking this quiz if you are not a member of ChatsUSA. If you are, go ahead and do it! If not, then this is a good opportunity for some advertising;)

ChatsUSA is a community based site with features such as flash chat, voice/video chat, a massive arcade, forums, a photoblog for members to store their pictures and vote on other peoples'. Even tho the name says "USA", the members are from all over the world!

Created by: FluffybunnY

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  1. What age is ChatsUSA?
  2. Where does Jonathan live?
  3. What animal does Robby work with?
  4. What profession is malenurse1 in?
  5. Where does FluffybunnY live?
  6. Which ChatsUSA's staff member has an animated avatar which says "I loves my bally!"
  7. Which moderator is a stud from France?
  8. Where is KatRN from?
  9. Which two members are FluffybunnY's nephews?
  10. Which admin loves cuddles?
  11. Which admin is 49% devil?
  12. Who does tykes80 love?
  13. What club did mrteabag and jeff hardy start?
  14. Which moderator hails from Indiana?
  15. Which moderator's avatar is a girl in a bikini?
  16. Which moderator's first avatar was hannibal lecter?
  17. Which mod's avatar is an animation of one penguin tripping up another?
  18. Which active member is from alabama?
  19. Which member made a quiz about her nationality in this forum?
  20. Who is the current king of the arcade?
  21. Which member's previous nick was "icu"?
  22. Which active member is currently sick?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about ChatsUSA?