How good are you in English?

Linguapassion offers the opportunity to practise a foreign language with a group dynamic on an international visioconference platform. We also give you the opportunity to take individual tuitions and encourage you to interact with others.

View the video and answer the questions to evaluate your level of comprehension and then decide which group to join (intermediate or advanced). This is an opportunity to meet others and exchange views on topics of interest to YOU.

Created by: Linguapassion
  1. How does Norine Dresser define body language?
  2. What does Norine's example illustrate?
  3. Who did Norine know?
  4. What example does Norine give?
  5. In this example what were the students?
  6. What were the students doing?
  7. What was the listener doing?
  8. What does arm crossing mean in Norine's culture?
  9. What does arm crossing mean in Vietnam?
  10. What were they trying to show in this example?

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Quiz topic: How good am I in English?