How Good are you at English?

English is said to be one of the Hardest Languages to learn obviously if you are English it's easy as pie but hey hey ;) English isn't hard it's just complex :D

So how good are you at English?? Obviously you know some if you can read this :) but hey hey. So I have a few questions based on writing skills, punctuation and spelling to decipher how good you truly are

Created by: sammierox1997

  1. When words are Repeated Repeated Repeated they are called
  2. 'The Trees whispered among themselves' this is an example of
  3. BOOM BOOM POW!! This is called...
  4. Choose the sentence that uses apostrophes properly
  5. Choose the sentence that uses apostrophes properly
  6. Which one of these is not a connective
  7. Which piece of punctuation is used for speech
  8. A Colon is used when
  9. Which word isn't spelt correctly?
  10. Which word isn't spelt correctly?

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Quiz topic: How Good am I at English?