How Punk Are You?

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Punk.. is it a musical genre? A fashion statement? an attitude? When did it start? when did it finish? How Punk are Green Day and Blink 182 exactly? All questions you may well ask.

But more importantly, how punk are YOU? Do you walk it like you talk it? Do you know the Rezillos from the Rutts. Well here are 13 scientifically crafted questions that will work out exactly how punk you really are!!

Created by: punkyspunky
  1. What are the true origins of punk?
  2. Which of these early 70's band are seen as most influential on the punk movement?
  3. What is Punk?
  4. What is your political stand point?
  5. In your opinion, the most important punk album of the past 40 years is...
  6. How important is musicianship and production in punk music?
  7. Do you have a copy of the Sex Pistols album 'Never Mind The Bollocks' in your collection?
  8. The ideal length of a song is?
  9. Do you consider yourself working class?
  10. Pick you fave band from these
  11. Whats your haircut like?

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Quiz topic: How Punk am I?