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Are you a fan of early 2000s rock music if you're just getting into it you'll have to take this quiz and learn a lot about this genre and the early 2000s bands?

If you aren't a fan of this genre please get away from this quiz this quiz is for the people who love this genre and for the people who want to learn more about this awesome genre.

Created by: Mackenzie Carder
  1. What band consisted of Adam Gontier Barry Stock Brad Walst and Neil Sanderson?
  2. "With Bloodshot Eyes I Watch You Sleeping The Warmth I Feel Beside Me Is Slowly Fading". What Bullet For My Valentine song is this?
  3. What band is Jared Leto in?
  4. Who did The Rev play for?
  5. One of their albums is called Hybrid Theory. What band is this?
  6. What goth band does Shawn Milke sing for?
  7. What was Avenged Sevenfolds drummer Jimmy Sullivan's nickname?
  8. Matthew "Matt" Tuck Jason "Jay" James Micheal"Moose" Thomas and Michael "Padge" Paget. Who's this band?
  9. What year did The Rev die?
  10. Who sang "Never Too Late"?

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