What genre are you REALLY?

So many people are listening to various types of music today. It's great that musical diversity is kicking in - but what genre are you deep down? Maybe you'll find that you are one of the people that truly DOES like a little of everything or maybe you'll find that you're definately leaning towards one genre.

Are YOU a true lover of music? Do you think you're truly diversified in your musical tastes? Is your CD collection filled with all different types of tunes or do you seem to gravitate towards one type of music? Take this quiz and find out!!

Created by: Sharon of *alltheREALLYcoolpeoplehavetattoos*
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  1. When you get into your car ... what CD is playing?
  2. Who is the COOLEST front man in this list?
  3. Go back a bunch of years ... what were the artists in your favorite genre wearing?
  4. Where are you most likely to find your favorite artists hanging out?
  5. If you could see your favorite artist in the PERFECT setting - which would it be:
  6. A friend goes out and buys you a gift - what are they most likely to buy you?
  7. What artist would you most likely listen to while your friends are hanging at your house?
  8. You have to do some community service ... choose your fate:
  9. Of the following songs ... which is your favorite?
  10. You just got your paycheck ... what are you going to do with the cash?
  11. What breed of dog is your favorite?
  12. Which item below are you most likely NOT to leave home without?

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Quiz topic: What genre am I REALLY?