Actual Juggalo Quiz

This test does not determine how much of a Juggalo you are, you rep the hatchet and love the music and that is about all you need. Actually, you do not even need to do that! Though most Juggalos will not take you in as one if you do not know the basics and own at least 1 t-shirt, but dont worry about that, Juggalos are all types of differant people with different views. This is just mine.

I want to give much love to all the Juggalos and Juggalettes out there, it doesnt matter what you scored on this test, if your down then MUCH CLOWN LOVE HOMIE.

Created by: Ninja
  1. What are the rap names for ICP?
  2. How many jokers cards are there?
  3. Who are 3 artists on Psychopathic Records?
  4. Who is "The Southwest Strangla"?
  5. What year was ICP's first Jokers card released?
  6. What nationality is Anybody Killa?
  7. How many members consist the group "Twiztid", and what are their names?
  8. Blaze and ABK formerly had a group, what was the name of this group?
  9. What is a Juggalo?
  10. Does this test really determine if I am a juggalo or not?

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