Punk, Poser, or In the Middle?

Ok so everyone has their own idea of what is what and who is who but have you been thinking clearly all along or are you just living a lie as a poser and not the awesome punk you thought you were?

So WHAT are you really? Do you have the extraordinary power to walk this world alone and face those who are lost in a shuffle of mediocrity or are you just as pathetic as them?

Created by: E.T.
  1. When did punks really get started?
  2. Pick a favorite.
  3. Do you shop at Hot Topic?
  4. Is Green Day punk?
  5. Your opinion on war?
  6. What do you wear out?
  7. You're leaving a concert and you see somebody who partied a little too hard and passed out.
  8. When you're at a gig you...
  9. Do you think My Chemical Romance, Panic! at the Disco, AFI, Sum 41, Simple Plan, or Blink-182 are punk?
  10. You wake up in a jail cell with your head throbbing..Why?
  11. Do you have any favorite drummers...
  12. You like smaller more unrecognized bands that can still kick a$$.
  13. Where do you go to buy clothes...
  14. Do you do your homework?
  15. Who do you hang with..
  16. Describe yourself in 3 words.

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