what redneck are you?

rednecks are a rare breed. only the finest few can all them selves so. this paragraph thing i have to do i pretty gay. i didnt know it took this much damn effort to a make a quiz.

what redneck are you? are you a redneck? did i waste my time on this quiz? what is the next gun i should buy? i wish i was hunting instead of at work.

Created by: fitch

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  1. guns are....
  2. what would you rather do
  3. what kind of music?
  4. favorite drink?
  5. how do you get your food?
  6. how do you get a round?
  7. where would you rather be
  8. which gun is reall?
  9. did you notice i screwed up and spelled real with 2 L's
  10. ok im done making this damn thing

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Quiz topic: What redneck am I?