How redneck are you?

there are only a few people in the world that are considered to be redneck. So i made a quiz to test you to see if you are a true redneck. So i know that everybody wants to know if they are a redneck or not so i came up with my own couple of redneck questions to test the people who think that they are rednecks.

So are you a redneck? If you think that you can pull off being truely redneck then take this quiz and lets see. Even though this quiz may tell you if you are a true redneck or not you your self can only determine if you are a redneck or not but if you take this quiz you will know a lot easier if you are or not because this is the true redneck quiz.

Created by: Josh Pittman
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  1. when you break something do you make duct tape your answer?
  2. when your fourwheeler gets muddy do you wash it off or keep going
  3. when you mow your grass do you have to move a lot of stuff around to move
  4. if you are bored what is the first thing you do
  5. what is your favorite thing to drive
  6. if you take a girl on a date do you consider cracker barrel a fancy place
  7. do you consider having high speed internet being rich
  8. what is your favorite kind of truck
  9. when you go hunting how do you hunt
  10. when you go riding fourwheelers when do you stop

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Quiz topic: How redneck am I?