are you a redneck

There are many intersesting people, but few are true rednecks. Rednecks are, afterall, quite disturbing. What is a Redneck? A redneck is someone who obviously does not think straight and cannot perform simple tasks.

Have you ever wondered what the qualifications of a redneck are? Well, you never know, you could even be one yourseslf. Rock lock a tickin Clock sample picture dock have a nice time goodbye

Created by: jeff
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  1. When you go to the bathroom at night does it require shoes and a flashlight?
  2. When you introduce your girlfriend/boyfriend and your sister/brother to someone is there one person standing there with you?
  3. Do you own a house with wheels on it and several cars without?
  4. Is one of your lifetime goals to own a fireworks stand, on your front lawn?
  5. Have you ever bought a police scanner to keep in touch with relatives?
  6. does your daily diet consist of beer/soda and greasy junk food?
  7. Is your idea of fast food hitting a deer at 90 mph?
  8. Have you ever missed or been late to a very important event, because the squirrel shoot off was on?
  9. Do you consider yourself a redneck?
  10. How many specific names of hunting guns can you name?

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Quiz topic: Am I a redneck