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In this quiz, I will attempt to determine how much of a weeb you are, and whether you are one at all. Try to answer everything as accurately as you can. Don't take the results too seriously.

There are five possible results with unique descriptions. Complete weeb, "Almost lost to the 2D world", Everyday Viewer, Regular Person, and Safe normie. I do not own any of the images used in this quiz.

Created by: Conner of Steam Profile - Add me!
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  1. How much anime have you actually sat down and watched?
  2. How many anime/manga titles can you list off the top of your head?
  3. Do you have any interest in Japan and/or Japanese culture?
  4. Do you know any Japanese? (can speak and/or read)
  5. Do you have any anime/manga merch/stuff? (clothing, poster, figurines, props, toys, physical anime discs, manga, doujinshi, manga, etc.)
  6. What is your opinion on Japan?
  7. Do you discuss anime/manga with anyone?
  8. How long have you watched anime?
  9. Does it bother you that people hate on anime?
  10. Do you listen to any Japanese music?
  11. What's your personal stance on dubbed/subbed anime?
  12. Do you know how to read manga? (as opposed to reading traditional left to right text)
  13. Have you had a dream that took place in Japan?
  14. Do you draw anything anime/manga related?
  15. Have you ever compared somebody to an anime character?
  16. Do you genuinely like any Japanese food?
  17. What comes to mind when you think of anime?

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