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So you wanna know how big of a weeb you are? Take this quiz to find out, although, you probably shouldn't brag about what your spending your time doing...

On the other hand, you should totally share the quiz and brag to your e-friends on what you got. Who even has real friends anyways. It's why your here in the first place.

Created by: My name is Steve
  1. Which of the following is a mystery?
  2. Who died first in Akame Ga Kill?
  3. What is Gon's goal in HunterxHunter?
  4. Which of the following is an isekai?
  5. What was Your Lie in April all about?
  6. What was the character "Index" from A Certain Magical Index known to have?
  7. What is Kazuma's famous power in Konosuba?
  8. In Future Diary, what was the whole goal?
  9. What was the villians in Seraph of the End?
  10. What weapon did Zack have in Angel's of Death?
  11. how many side chicks did Kirito have in seasons 1 and 2?
  12. In How To Not Summon A Demon Lord, What breeds were the two main girls?
  13. In Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, what was the main character half of?
  14. In Guilty Crown, what was the weapon of Inori?
  15. What did Ed and Al from FMA do to commit a taboo?

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