Which Noragami character are you?

Have you ever wondered what main character from Noragami you would be? Well, I made this quiz just for you! You could be Yato, Hiyori or Yukine. Unlike some other character quizzes the questions are not obvious.

Imagine yourself as any of these three characters and you can see if you are your favorite character! This quiz is based on your personality so answer truthfully for the best outcome. If needed, I will improve this quiz to make it more enjoyable. Thank you!

Created by: Anonymous
  1. If your best friend is in danger you...
  2. You have a problem. You...
  3. Your friend isn't telling you something. You...
  4. Your friend betrays you. You...
  5. What do you think of school?
  6. Would you risk your life for a stranger?
  7. Fame or world peace?
  8. Who do you think you will get? This is just for fun.
  9. Did you like this quiz? Again just for fun.
  10. Do I need to improve this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which Noragami character am I?