could you be a first hand apple?

Have you ever thought u had the potential to make your album go platinum? Have you ever seen us live in Kenya and wished ypu could join us? Have you ever seen people like raquel elf man and been inspired to write a song..well this quiz sorts the first hand apples from the second hand lemons

do you have the qualitys to qualify for the prestigious title of a first hand apple...take this quiz and find out..u could be spending next year cock fighting with caroline, or eating meaty cheese...or you could go back to ur boring life..its ur choice..

Created by: madie of
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  1. is petra....?
  2. is cheese...?
  3. Natalie jenkins is a what?
  4. good lord, what is rude?
  5. what do we love thor more than?
  6. one of our songs was inspired by what..?
  7. our scooter is..?
  8. what do you have to enjoy to be 'one of us'
  9. what is petra's faverite choice of clothing?
  10. what did i try to fix, but it would not fix..?
  11. bonus question....? worth 2 points. what is the name of carolines ex husband?

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