How Well Do You Know AlbertsStuff / Flamingo?

Hello, this is the AlbertsStuff/ Flamingo quiz! It is based off of the two channels, AlbertsStuff and Flamingo, to determine how well you know the same youtuber that created both channels. This quiz will regulate if you are a "True Albert Fan!", a "Viewer", or a "New Subscriber/ Viewer". These results are accurate based off of how you answer each question.

Also, just an extra note, please answer each question truthfully and do not just look up the answer. If you do this, that will be considered cheating and will not accurately establish your results. Thanks for reading, enjoy this quiz!

Created by: Morgan
  1. Before I begin this quiz, I have to assure you are not a bot. What is your gender?
  2. What is the gender of the youtuber that owns these channels?
  3. What is the name to the person who creates the videos on the AlbertsStuff/ Flamingo channels?
  4. What two people are featured in some of his videos?
  5. How old is this youtuber as of October 2018?
  6. Which channel does this youtuber curse on? His AlbertsStuff channel, or Flamingo channel?
  7. Is this youtuber married, single, or have a girlfriend?
  8. Does this youtuber play Roblox?
  9. Does this youtuber play MineCraft?
  10. Did you like this quiz? [This will have no effect on your score.]

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know AlbertsStuff / Flamingo?