How well do you know Flamingo (Albert)?

Hello! Welcome to "How well do you know Flamingo (Albert)?" Here, you will get a set of questions about Albert. Get ready for a challenge to see how well you know Albert!

Also, please do not cheat. It is apart of the rules. I still hope you get everything right! Before you take this quiz, you might want to practice on the Flamingo YouTube channel.

Created by: KatieL
  1. What was his advice in his Copyrighted Artists video?
  2. What was his first channel named?
  3. What is Albert's age?
  4. Who did he (almost) break friendship with?
  5. Who is Albert?
  6. What is the highest server number he tried to use?
  7. What would you say if Albert joined your game?
  8. This is the end of the quiz, what would you do?
  9. E with the E
  10. This is the end, actually

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Flamingo (Albert)?