Juggalo dee test

This is for the juggalo family. If you are not familiar with this you are far from understanding these questions. So for the rest of you juggalos good luck. For everone else let's see how much of a dee dee dee you are.

If you can manuver this quiz you are a genius. No I can't spell well. So what. Try to enjoy my quiz. As much as I enjoyed making it for all of ya'll. This was so much time out of our lives. Please enjoy what else can I say.

Created by: Nowhere
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  1. Who created the original hatchet man?
  2. What rapper was Rob Bruce related to by marriage?
  3. Who was the last person to speak to Big Proof of D12 on his cell phone?
  4. Fill in the word..Your mama is so fat she uses two _______ for roller blades.
  5. How many joker cards faces actually exist?
  6. Which wrestler(s) was not in the How Many Times video?
  7. Who did Violent J come out on stage dressed as on the Shangri-La tour?
  8. Has there ever been a true Solo album by any Psychopathic artist?
  9. Which Album can you find the theme of Edward Scissor Hands?
  10. Who is Violent J in Psycopathic Rydas?

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