How Well Do you Know David Cook??

Many people think they know their American Idols, but how well do you know this season 7 winner?? Very well, I hope! Do you know about his history, his songs, and him as a person? Take this quiz to find out!!

Do YOU know David Cook, season 7 winner of American Idol? How well do you know his songs, his history in music, and about his dog?? TAKE THIS QUIZ TO FIND OUT!! Have fun!!

Created by: Lory

  1. Which of these CD's were produced first, from David's old band, Axium?
  2. Where was David born?
  3. What is David Cook's third single off of his new self-titled debut album?
  4. Where did David Cook's first SOLO tour take off?
  5. Where did David Cook and David Archuleta go on May 16 to perform a concert together?
  6. During what week on Idol did David's brother Adam, get to be in the audience?
  7. Who did David Cook do funny dances at the end of 'Please Don't Stop the Music' with during the Idol tour?
  8. What song does David cuss in, on his solo album, Analog Heart, which was created before Idol?
  9. What is David's favorite color?
  10. When did David get his Scottish Terrier, Dublin?

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