Watership Down Test!

Welcome to my Watership Down test! I made it because they aren't many Watership Down quizzes, anywhere. But I have to admit, not many people know about Watership down anyway.

Please read the book before jumping into the test. I guarantee you won't do well, unless someone gave/is giving you all the answers, if you haven't. The movie doesn't count though, since it's got so little information.

Created by: Animal expert

  1. Who is the Chief rabbit of Efrafa?
  2. What rabbit in Hazel's clan wasn't born in the Sandleford warren?
  3. What rabbit has insight?
  4. How does Kehaar talk?
  5. What Efrafan was mystified and stupefied by Fiver's strange countenance?
  6. Who is chief rabbit of the Sandleford Warren?
  7. What is a mark?
  8. Name three Efrafran Owsla.
  9. Who is Blackavar?
  10. Name the story-teller rabbit.
  11. True or false: Fiver has insight
  12. True or false: Woundwort dies
  13. True or false: Toadflax is an Efrafran rabbit.

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