What Riordan-verse Character Are You?

Have You Ever Wondered What Riordan-Verse character you are? This is the quiz for you! Answer the questions honestly as possible. I hope you enjoy this quiz!

This quiz is designed to calculate your answers as best as possible. We just hope everyone who takes this quiz can either laugh and say “lol that's my exact opposite” or get an extremely accurate result.

Created by: SolangeloSophitzEmo
  1. Who are you in the group project?
  2. What Food?
  3. Which Color?
  4. What God/Goddess Is Your Favorite?
  5. Gods Are _______
  6. Favorite Ship?
  7. Quests?
  8. Books Or Movies?
  9. Choose a word
  10. Pick a outfit

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Quiz topic: What Riordan-verse Character am I?