How much do you know about the Rick Riordan universe

Hi, my name is Niya. This is a casual quiz made to test your knowledge about all of Rick Riordan's work in the demigod department. I must issue a spoiler warning before you get sarted. Hope you enjoy it.

WARNING: There will be spoilers so if you are not through with all of Rick Riordan's latest books there may be spoilers. P.S. Please ignore any spelling errors.

Created by: Niya

  1. Name the daughters of Kronos.
  2. How old is Percy in Heroes of Olympus?
  3. When is Magnus birthday?
  4. Where was Typhon imprisoned?
  5. Who is the silent god mentioned in Tyrant's Tomb?
  6. How old was Jason when he was taken under Lupa's wing?
  7. What were the names of Randolph Chase's daughters?
  8. Which Egyptian god did Percy host in Demigods and Magicians?
  9. Where did Grover first feel the presence of Pan?
  10. Prior to the events of Camp Half-Blood Confidential who was the only person to have seen the orientation film?
  11. What work does Silena Beauregard's father do?
  12. What name did Hera use when she possed as Leo's babysitter?
  13. Who is the one that declares that Anubis cannot see Sadie?
  14. What present does Frey give his son Magnus?
  15. What kind of prophecy was the dark prophecy?
  16. What does the name Perseus mean?
  17. What did Bob name his skeleton cat?
  18. Who Killed Maria Di Angelo?
  19. What is Mallory's middle name?
  20. What was the name of the Cyclops who captured Piper and Jason in The Lost Hero?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about the Rick Riordan universe