Which (well known) Rick Riordan character are you?

Welcome to my quiz! These are some of my favorite characters from two of Rick Riordan's seires. Heros of olympus, Trails of apollo, and Percy jackson.

Maybe You've only read Lighting theif, Sea of monsters, Lost hero, Son of neptune, and Mark of athena of somthing like that. this contains spoilers, so don't do this quiz unless you have read every book.

Created by: Grayson of minicomix inc.
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  1. What would you stay away from?
  2. Do you like...
  3. Which would you choose
  4. Would you rather:
  5. Flying or boating
  6. CHB or CJ
  7. Zeus (Jupiter) or Posiden (Neptune)
  8. Just so I could shout you out in my next quiz, select the first letter of your last name
  9. By The way, this is my first quiz, so I might have made some mistakes. please rate my quiz
  10. Okay. This is is the final question. Who is "Wisdom's daughter"?

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Quiz topic: Which (well known) Rick Riordan character am I?