School for Good and Evil Quote Quiz!

Have you read Soman Chainani's book "The School for Good And Evil"? Well, I hope you were paying attention, because in my quiz we will go over some of the best lines.

I will give you a quote and some character options, and you will have to say who you think said it. It could be simple like "___ waited all her life to be kidnapped" or something harder. Good luck, my dear Ever/Nevers.

Created by: EllieTheEverForever
  1. A coven isn't four, we don't want you, Agatha.
  2. If you want to talk to me you can wait in line like everybody else.
  3. It's not what we ARE, Sophie, it's what we DO.
  4. You don't know me well enough to know I spend half my life saying stupid things and the other half apologizing for them.
  5. Dear girl, it will be a very lond road if you spend more time looking backwards rather than forwards.
  6. Oh, Hort, one day people will read our fairy tale, and you'll be the one they love the most.
  7. You're not Evil,'re human.
  8. There is an uneasiness that remains after your best friend tries to kill you.
  9. I say we fillet and fry you and give you to Evil as a peace offering.
  10. Oh, I'm sorry. Did Cinderella go to class for her happy ending? Did Snow White find true love then go do homework?

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