What Character From The School for Good & Evil are You

What you have to do for my "What Character From The School For Good & Evil are you?" quiz is click one answer per multiple choice question then press continue. After that you can view your results. I hope that you are happy with them!

Do you want to know what different people you can get? Well you can get... Agatha, Sophie, Tedros, The School Master, Beatrix & Hester. The reasons why I made this quiz is because the characters from The School for Good & Evil are so interesting & different so it would be cool to see witch one you are more alike with. (And I LOVE the book) I hope that you had as much fun doing this quiz as I had making it!

Created by: Cindy
  1. What would you rather have in your life?
  2. Where From The School for Good & Evil Would You Like to live?
  3. What Would You Want Your Fairy Tale Ending To Be?
  4. Pick One.
  5. What Colour is Your hair?
  6. What is Your Most Regular Mood?
  7. Which of these are more important to you?
  8. Are You in love with someone?
  9. If you could be a Character from The School For Good & Evil, who would you be?
  10. What do you do for fun?
  11. What colour are your eyes?
  12. How Good are you?
  13. Pick A Power.

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