School for Good and Evil Trivia

Have you read the school for good and evil series? then try this quiz. see if you can score 100%! Also, if you have read, then check out the fan fiction site.

The fan fiction site is "[no urls]" it's awesome. So, how much of an SGE genius are you? In just a few minutes (or seconds if you;re fast) you'll know.

Created by: TheSGEFanatic
  1. What is Agatha the princess of?
  2. Who are Sophie's roommates?
  3. What is Dot's talent?
  4. What is the 4th year quest of Sophie's roommates?
  5. What does Millicent end up as?
  6. ____________ is nice to Agatha in Good.
  7. The school masters name is: ___________
  8. What is the first letter of Lady Lesso's first name?
  9. The School Master dies.
  10. Merlin is a __________

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