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Based on the popular fantasy novel series by Philip Pullman, these quizzes are made by and for fans of The Golden Compass. Why not see what results you get?

Our Golden Compass Quizzes

  • What Is Your Daemon?
    [by: Sara Lefman, rated: rated: 3.69/5, published: Dec 9, 2007]

    Seen the Golden Compass? Want to know what Daemon would be walking by your side? Which animal most represents you? This quiz offers a selection of 8 animals…

  • His Dark Materials Daemon Match
    [by: amazon, rated: rated: 3.59/5, published: Jul 16, 2008]

    In Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy, people in Lyra's world have outer manifestations of themselves called daemons. Daemons are likened to a…

  • What Is Your Daemon's Form?
    [by: Lissa, rated: rated: 3.55/5, published: Mar 30, 2008]

    Philip Pullman's great novel series, His Dark Materials, is filled with many interesting characters and the manifestations of their souls; their daemons.

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