How eco-friendly are YOU?

There has been much on the news and media recently about the floods, hurricanes and tornados caused by us - yes, I said us. This is the time the planet needs us most. Find out if you're doing well here!

Are YOU environmentally friendly? Do this quiz to discover whether you are a Planet Polluter, Impressive Impala or Passionate Protector! It's simple: check the boxes and see your results!

Created by: Elly

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  1. When do you drive?
  2. Do you leave your electrical devices on standby?
  3. How often do you recycle?
  4. How many lightbulbs in your house are eco-friendly?
  5. Do you compost?
  6. How often do you go on an aeroplane?
  7. How much of your food is free range?
  8. Which of these words have you heard before: Environment, ozone layer, greenhouse effect, energy crisis, free range, pollution
  9. Do you support any environmental charities?
  10. Imagine you draw a picture and you make a mistake. What do you do with the paper you drew on?
  11. How eco friendly do you try to be?
  12. Do you leave your electrical devices on standby?

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Quiz topic: How eco-friendly am I?