Are you Friendly

Most people genuinely want to have friends, and most people are reasonably friendly. What does friendly mean? Friendly means affectionate and trusting.

Have you ever wondered how friendly you are? Or maybe you know how friendly you are, but wonder why you are that 'amount' of friendly. Well, this quiz will tell you just that!

Created by: Apple

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  1. Approximately how many people are you friends with?
  2. What is a friend?
  3. What makes a really good friend
  4. You see an acquaintance at the movies, what do you do?
  5. You are at a party and your friend (and the only person you know at the party) doesn't show up, by the end of the party you have:
  6. When in your life have you felt most lonely?
  7. You have seen the same person in three different places, what do you do?
  8. The woman at the checkout asks you how school/work/life is going you say:
  9. When you are tired you:
  10. There is someone who you really want to be friends with, how do you befriend him/her?

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