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  • I got Beast.. (kinda thought i wold!! LOL)

    Wolf Alpha Oct 18 '15, 8:03PM
  • Is wizened even an option?

    lostboi Jul 8 '15, 8:32PM
  • great quiz. got a darkling

    starbound Dec 21 '14, 1:14AM
  • i got beast,whitch sounds like my bad side.

    wolfsrain12345 Jun 25 '14, 11:54AM
  • I got Fairest!! And OMG I am sooo.. Flattered :D

    lovebooksandme Sep 28 '13, 10:26AM
  • i got beast. i ani't no beast

    wolfhound Mar 26 '13, 7:25AM
  • Elemental Awsome

    Quazar2293 Feb 17 '13, 1:23PM
  • Darkling SUCKISH(awesome)!!! !!!so me!

    vampiresmymuse Apr 20 '12, 10:26PM
  • lol loved the quiz. fear me for I am a darkling! hahaha XD

    dragonlover193 Feb 19 '11, 2:14AM

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