What Type Of Phoenix Are You?

Phoenixes... They are very mysterious birds. Some think there is only one type of phoenix, but I have done furthermore research than them, and there is more than one type of these mysterious birds.

The types of phoenixes there are are fire phoenixes, water phoenixes, ice phoenixes, and grass phoenixes. Which one do you think you might be? If you really want to find out, you would stop reading... Now!

Created by: kyla
  1. At what time do you rise(wake up)?
  2. What do you love most?
  3. Pick an element.
  4. Would you rather have thorns or fists of fury?
  5. Do you like phoenixes?
  6. Which is paradise?
  7. Have you ever found a red feather?
  8. Do you prefer ice or water?
  9. Do you prefer fire or grass?
  10. Last question. What is your favorite animal?

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Quiz topic: What Type Of Phoenix am I?