Which Phoenix Wright 2 Character are you?

Many people in the world have played this Nintendo DS game. If you have, you will know how addictive it is, and maybe you even stayed up very late playing on it. But of course, you don't have to answer that!

So, by taking this excellent quiz, you will find out which character you would be. So, take the quiz, and find out whether you're Phoenix, Maya, Pearl, Franziska, Miles or Dick.

Created by: franziska

  1. Imagine you're at school, and the teacher is explaining something for the first and last time. Which of the following is you?
  2. Which of these foods do you prefer?
  3. Is your hair colour natural?
  4. Which Harry Potter house would you be in?
  5. Do you like this quiz?
  6. Can you keep a secret?
  7. Are you bored (honestly)?
  8. Have you played the game I'm talking about?
  9. Have you ever walked outside with odd socks?
  10. Do you have an idea of who you are?

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Quiz topic: Which Phoenix Wright 2 Character am I?