Which Eldar Phoenix Lord are you?

The Eldar Phoenix Lords are the strongest, most powerful warriors in the Warhammer 40000 Eldar forces. Their power comes from the deepest roots of the universe, from the very beliefs the Eldar have, and now you can see where maybe you might find yourself among their hallowed ranks.

Which Phoenix Lord are you? This quiz will hopefully answer that question, and perhaps reveal something about yourself. Who would you fight? What weapons do you have? But who knows how it will turn out, so do not waste time and begin Which Phoenix Lord are You?

Created by: Colonel_Llama

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  1. If your town was under attack by uknown plaguing aliens, would you...
  2. If you have a choice of any meal, you choose...
  3. You must choose a random number...
  4. Suddenly, a man bursts into your house and yells wildly before falling down unconscious. You...
  5. A man shoves you out of his way and hurries on, chuckling at you. You...
  6. There is one cookie left...you then
  7. You are forced to choose between two precious items that you own...
  8. What is your favorite color?
  9. What Cereal would you have for breakfast?
  10. What enemy would you fight?

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Quiz topic: Which Eldar Phoenix Lord am I?