Who is your Tribunal Lord?

This quiz has been devoted to spreading the knowledge of a religion that can only be known as the Tribunal. There are many members in the Trubunal, but only Three have been elevated to the rank of Lord. These Three have considerable power as the name "Tribunal" may indicate.

The goal of this quiz is to see which Tribunal Lord you would most relate to. Whether it be the Tribunal Lord of Wisdom, Courage, or Power, you'll be sure to know slightly more about the Tribunal afterwards.

Created by: Leo

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  1. Do your friends see you as more of a creature than a person?
  2. Are you typically too embarassed to do something?
  3. Which statement do you feel that you would say most often?
  4. If you wanted to get out of a situation, what would you most likely say?
  5. If there is an event that you would rather not attend, which would you most likely do?
  6. Do you often try to get the sympathy of others?
  7. If one of your friends decided to make changes in their life to better serve God, your response would be...
  8. (Oddly specific) If you saw a certain girl that one of your friends thought was attractive but that friend wasn't there, you would...
  9. Who is your favorite Jew?
  10. When asking a question, you...

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Quiz topic: Who is my Tribunal Lord?