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The Lord of the Rings - Many people have come to love this work of J.R.R. Tolkien as told by Peter Jackson. I am one of them. This is just a pleasant escape from the rigors of life to enjoy some trivia and test your knowledge of these great films.

Are you a fan of the movies of The Lord of The Rings? Have you seen every second of the Trilogy and its "Making of" bonus footage? How much you know about this masterpiece of cinema? Take this quiz and prove your knowledge of Ring lore.

Created by: Annette of this site
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  1. How many rings were given to men by Sauron?
  2. What color is the door of Bag End?
  3. How many are chosen to be in the Fellowship?
  4. How long is the journey through Moria?
  5. Who awakens the Watcher in the Water at the gates of Moria?
  6. What is the seat of Amon Hen made in the image of?
  7. What is depicted on the flag of Rohan that tears and falls as Eowen sees Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli approach Edoras?
  8. Who do Merry and Pippin think they are about to meet in Fangorn Forest?
  9. What army do Frodo, Sam and Gollum see entering Mordor when they arrive at the Black Gate?
  10. Who dies in Aragorn's arms on the deeping wall of Helm's Deep?
  11. What are the two kinds of creatures that Saruman breeds together to make the fighting Uruk-hai?
  12. What direction does Treebeard like going?
  13. Along what path does Gollum lead Frodo and Sam?
  14. What is the name of the sword that Elrond gives to Aragorn?
  15. What is the name of the battering ram used to open the gate of Minas Tirith?
  16. What does Eowen dream of?
  17. To whom does Pippin vow allegiance?
  18. Who slays the Witch King?
  19. What do Frodo and Sam do to escape the Orcs of Mordor?
  20. Who calls out to Sauron at the Black Gate?
  21. Which finger does Gollum bite off of Frodo to get the One Ring?
  22. Who escorts Arwen to the coronation ceremony of Aragorn?
  23. Acording to Aragorn, who do the hobbits bow to?
  24. Who does Sam marry when the hobbits return to Hobbiton?
  25. Who is to write the last pages of the book?
  26. Who has been given the honor to sail on the last ship to the Undying Lands?
  27. What does Sam say when he returns to Bag End?
  28. Do you absolutely love these movies?

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