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  • It is OK quiz, although I had problems with 2 questions:

    9. The army that Frodo, Sam and Gollum see entering the Black Gate are in fact Easerlings, not Haradrim. In the book, they are Haradrim, but you did this quiz by film, not by book, so they are Easterlings.

    19. Frodo and Sam didn't start the Orc-fight. Orcs started it by themselves because of Frodo's armour.

    26. Bilbo's and Frodo's ship wasn't the last one. The last one was boarded by Sam.

  • you said there were problems with 2 questions. you listed three. SMART ONE!! frodo and sam DID start the fight. i remember. i just watched it yesterday and im gonna watch it again today. I LOVE LOTR!!

  • Love this quiz. Thanks for taking the time to make a great Lord of the Rings quiz. These movies are the BEST!!!


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