How Phoenix are you?

How familiar are you with Phoenix? Do you have what it takes to be a true Phoenician? Take this fun quiz to find out how good your knowledge about some Phoenix trivia and history.

Go for it. Text your knowledge.... Think you can be counted amongst the true natives? Very few of us left. If you've lived here 10 years or more, we count you as a native. Take your shoes off, roll up your sleeves and have fun!

Created by: amazon
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  1. What is a Phoenix?
  2. How is Phoenix pronounced?
  3. What ancient civilization is the city of Phoenix built on?
  4. If you hear the word "snowbird", what does that mean to you?
  5. What is a monsoon?
  6. Affluent city adjacent to Phoenix
  7. Who is Ed Buck?
  8. "And that ain't no Bull"
  9. Pat McMahon?
  10. Purple gorilla?
  11. The Orpheum?

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Quiz topic: How Phoenix am I?