Which Greek Mythological Creature Is Your Pet?

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Do you own a pet? Have you ever thought of owning a pet that you've never dreamed off. Well What a about a monster, maybe a hero, or ever a mythical creature for your pet? FIND OUT.

What if you owned a Greek Mythical Pet! A pet of your wildest dreams. The pet you've always wanted! maybe. Take this quiz to find out what your ideal pet from Greek myths.

Created by: Kaishu Takase
  1. If you were with your friends, what would you want to be?
  2. What is your hobbies?
  3. What is your favorite animal?
  4. What do you look most for in a friend?
  5. What is your favorite element?
  6. Smart Pet or a Strong Pet?
  7. Big Creatures or Small Creatures?
  8. Adventurous or Lazy?
  9. If you had to travel overseas, what would you take. (not involving the time)
  10. Favorite snack
  11. Quiet or Noisy Pets?

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Quiz topic: Which Greek Mythological Creature Is my Pet?