What Ponybox Breed of Horse Are You?

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The mythological creatures of today and yesterday live more in ourselves than in our minds. In a way, we resemble them, just as much as they resemble us, our fears, and our desires. This quiz holds a collection of horse breeds from the horse simulation game, Ponybox.

Which mythological being are you? This detailed quiz tries to reach deep into the mind and background of those who'll take it. Which creature does your personality represent?

Created by: Pyrrhuloxia

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  1. When someone compliments you for something you've done, with is your initial thought?
  2. If you were underage and someone, with all seriousness, offered you a cigarette or dope, would you take it? Answer honestly now.
  3. How long do you spend obsessing over your appearance in one day?
  4. You're walking into a restaurant or quickie mart with a swinging glass door, there is someone right behind you. What do you do?
  5. The words "garnet" and "jade" remind you of what?
  6. You're with a friend or sibling walking down to some hangout location, along the way your friend/sibling's ex comes over and starts to put her/him down. What is your reaction?
  7. You need money to pay a couple bills or for something you really want. Amazingly, as you're outside walking behind someone, a wad of cash falls out of their pocket and turns out to be the exact amount you need! Your reaction?
  8. You suddenly have the power over life and death, anyone you want to kill, you can, and no one can catch you. Who will die and who will live?
  9. On average, you think of yourself as very...
  10. How tall are you?
  11. What three things your family labels you as?
  12. What "group" are you most attracted to?
  13. Finally, what country were you born in?

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Quiz topic: What Ponybox Breed of Horse am I?