Fourth Century Political Compass

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A schematic, inaccurate (and hopefully enjoyable) autodiagnostic instrument to guide you through the vicissitudes of fourth century political affiliation.

Guaranteed to help you blag your way through time travel-mishap, the restoration of the Roman Empire or a conversation with an over-enthusiastic late antique historian.

Created by: Thomas Langley of Twitter
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  1. When asked for change the shopkeeper questions you about whether the Son is begotten or created. How do you respond?
  2. Horoscopes and divination – yea or nay?
  3. Emperor or senate?
  4. Is our bureaucracy too large and corrupt?
  5. What do you feel about so-called pagan symbols being associated with government?
  6. How about rhetorical education?
  7. If you have to spend your cash, do you pay for churches and orphans or theatres and public banquets?
  8. What do you make of monasticism?
  9. Are barbarians a problem?
  10. How would you react in the hypothetical (and, let’s face it, unlikely) event of the sack of Rome?

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