What political affiliation are you?

There are many ideologies that have been invented with the intention of solving the issues of their day. I’ve identified nine broad ideological affiliations.

Which ideological affiliation are you? This quiz was made for that purpose so you can have a easier time determining your political ideology. I hope you enjoy!

Created by: Sure Bed
  1. What should the boundaries of our state be
  2. What should be our foreign aid policy
  3. What is your stance on the military
  4. What is your stance on international trade
  5. What is your opinion on class
  6. The state/government should heavily intervene in the economy
  7. Labor Unions should be banned
  8. What should be our economic model?
  9. What form of governance should we adopt
  10. Should we have a monarchy?
  11. Should we have voting in our society
  12. Should the state exist?
  13. What’s your stance on religion
  14. What’s your stance on social norms
  15. Our social values were better many decades or even centuries ago then they are now
  16. Tradition is inherently good
  17. How should we gain power?
  18. Should we reject the Enlightenment?
  19. We should collectivize the means of production
  20. Nationalism is compatible with Socialism
  21. Which do you prefer
  22. Nationalism is a

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Quiz topic: What political affiliation am I?