What political affiliation are you a member of?

There are many political affiliations. In this test we’re talking about ideologies not parties. There are ideologies and opinions from all parts of the political spectrum.

What political ideology do you belong to. Are you a National Socialist, Patriotic Socialist, or Anarcho-Communist or something in between. Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: Sure Bed
  1. Collectivism or Individualism
  2. How should the economy be organized
  3. I value race
  4. I favor a protectionist policy on international trade
  5. The government should be
  6. The government should be a
  7. On a Abortion I am
  8. Trade Unions should firm the basis of the economy
  9. Abolish (Liberal) Democracy
  10. On gay marriage I
  11. We should withdraw from foreign wars
  12. I am antisemitic

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Quiz topic: What political affiliation am I a member of?